Azure DevOps Engineer

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Azure DevOps Engineer

Code to save lives. That’s what we strive to do. And we’d love for you to join us in our efforts! We are currently looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team.

Full-time · Copenhagen

We are digital health specialists,

creating life-changing solutions

What will you be doing?

Dawn Health is looking for a DevOps engineer to help us deliver world-class Digital Health products to our customers, and in particular, ensure that our products are documented safe and reliable and that our developers get immediate feedback on their Software Development efforts.

Dawn Health already employs Azure DevOps and Pipelines, but our DevOps competencies are spread out over key individuals and practices could benefit strongly from being streamlined. We are humble to what you consider to be best practice, and you should be prepared to design, setup and communicate a good company-standard DevOps standard.

You will belong to our newly established Operations team but will be working across different project teams with other passionate software engineers to bring the most intuitive and useful digital therapies and apps to life.

Your work will be flexible, but the core deliverables for the role will be:

• Design, setup and communicate a good company-standard DevOps standard.

• Assists projects in setting up DevOps pipelines early and advice on creation and maintenance automated tests by using Test-Driven Development.

• Identify and implement a platform for cross-browser / cross-device testing and device farming for script-based UI Testing

    About you, our new colleague 

    • You take initiative and can manage deliverables from yourself as well as other team and project members

    • You enjoy specialist work and can manage a diverse portfolio of tasks

    • You have a structured approach and understand the importance of high-quality documentation

    • You have strong communication skills and can work with a team to establish good ways of working

    We need you to

    • At least 2 years’ experience with DevOps practices.

    • Able to view Software Development Lifecycles from a systemic perspective and identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities across the “value chain”.

    • Be a good communicator and collaborator.

    • Experienced working with Configuration Management, Change Management and Release Management

    • Be able to collaborate well with testers and the QA team and demonstrate willingness to understand Medical Device Software Quality standards

    • Experience with Microsoft Azure, CLI, Pipelines and Azure DevOps ecosystem

    • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (e.g. using ARM, and/or Bicep)

    • Dawn Health uses Azure DevOps for Requirements, Task and Test Management and Microsoft Azure for hosting our Cloud applications, hence a Microsoft-centric approach is an advantage. A large part of our efforts entail developing Native Mobile Apps, and having experience with DevOps practices for Mobile Apps is a big advantage.

    We offer

    • A chance to work alongside innovative colleagues that are great at what they do and are happy to share knowledge.
    • An open, informal, and (dog) friendly atmosphere, which we are proud of and nourish.
    • A broad range of meaningful projects and own products that need your valued input.
    • Autonomy, self-leadership, and confidence in you and your abilities.
    • Celebration of our wins and social events on a regular basis to meet and get to know all our colleagues.
    • An array of benefits within the areas of culture, professional development, and a competitive health package.
    • The possibility to leave your mark on digital health.

    About us

    Dawn Health is a digital health company specializing in developing software as medical device and other regulated healthcare solutions.

    Our passion not only includes the urge to make a difference and “Code to Save Lives” We accomplish this by delivering both strategic consulting and development of innovative digital therapies targeting patients on a global scale.

    There is a great social culture at Dawn Health, and throughout the company, you will find warm, helpful, and friendly colleagues.

    When we hire, we do not just look for professional skills and talent; we look for people who will thrive in our environment and who will make a good addition to the team and contribute contributing to the overall company culture.

    You will join Dawn Health at a very exciting time on our journey, with opportunities for global adventures, developing our own products, and helping define new and innovative frameworks that will change how we work with - and design for digital health.

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